Trolley Snatcha’s Archetype EP To Release: Trolley Snatcha's Archetype EP, 10/28 October 15 2014
Fox Stevenson Remixes (Out 10/21) Firepower Records to Release Fox Stevenson Remixes October 8 2014
Terravita’s Fuel To The Fire EP Terravita To Release Fuel To The Fire EP on Firepower September 30 2014
Datsik Remixes “Ultraviolence” Firepower to Release LDR "Ultraviolence" remix 9/23 September 13 2014
Video: “Drop That Low” Video: Bear Grillz and Datsik's "Drop That Low" August 18 2014
To Release: Protohype’s Encore Firepower Records To Release Protohype's Encore, Aug 19 August 7 2014
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